Bright Futures Preschool

Cleveland Sight Center offers specialized instruction and educational opportunities to children three to five years old at Bright Futures Preschool, which is located within CSC’s main building in University Circle. The program serves children who are blind or have low vision as well as their sighted peers. This integrated approach allows for modeling of age-appropriate language and social behavior. The staff differentiates instruction based on each student’s strengths and limitations and every student participates in all activities. Bright Futures Preschool offers school-year services as well as an optional day camp during the summer.

A young client smiling on the playground at CSC.

At Bright Futures Preschool staff collaborates with school districts to develop and implement Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). Curriculum includes the teaching of compensatory skills, such as orientation and mobility, pre-Braille and Braille use, activities of daily living and assistive technology.

For information on enrollment, contact the CSC Preschool Team at 216-791-8118.