Early Intervention Programs

A young client going down the slide at the CSC playground

Cleveland Sight Center provides Early Intervention services to infants and toddlers with visual impairments and their families across Northeast Ohio. CSC Early Intervention Specialists educate families about how the child’s visual impairment may be affecting the overall development of their child. They also provide strategies and resources to assist the family in maximizing growth and development, accommodating for the loss of vision unique to each child’s situation. Our Early Intervention Specialists collaborate with each county’s Help Me Grow/Early Intervention teams and other community providers to maximize the progress for each child. These services are provided in the family’s home or in another natural environment for the child. 

In addition to our home-based Early Intervention services, there are opportunities for families to connect with each other via playgroups, agency social events or other informal connections specific to a family’s needs.  Occasionally, center-based groups may be offered in which parents bring their children to CSC for group activities led by one of our Early Intervention Specialists.

The Early Intervention Case Manager is available to provide support to parents, caregivers and community providers.  The Case Manager may attend home visits in preparation for a child’s transition to special education preschool in order to educate and support parents through this process. The Case Manager also coordinates services with other community providers such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, ophthalmologists, county Early Intervention services and other relevant community partners.

Contact Laurie Zebrasky at 216-791-8118 ext. 8775 or lzebrasky@clevelandsightcenter.org for more information on the Early Intervention Program. To make a referral, please click here.