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-Keeping you “In the Know…” 7/30/21

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CSC Making a Difference:

-A client recently shared this feedback with a member of the CSC team about his experience with the agency:

“In the last 20 years I've really learned how important it is for me to be involved with CSC. It's really made such a difference for me in my life and in my independence. I couldn't be more grateful.”

-A client recently shared this quote about her experience at the agency:

“Cleveland Sight Center is a great place of acceptance. It supports you and all the things that you need. You don’t have to pretend, or fake your sadness or fears. You can be vulnerable. They don’t judge you and it’s very supportive.”

Educating the Community:

-Alicia Howerton (Community Relations Specialist) and Tom Sawyer (Outreach Specialist) will be guests on Lake County Council on Aging's radio program “Our Aging World with Joseph Tomsick” at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday July 31st.  Tune in at 101.5FM and 1330AM or

-The Outreach team continues to connect with clients this week regarding their participation in Case Western Reserve University’s Chronic Conditions Field Experience program for 1st-year medical students starting August 2nd through the 5th. The University’s hope is that the medical students will gain empathy and patient facing soft skills through this panel discussion experience.

-Cleveland Sight Center’s Children & Young Adult Services (CYAS) department holds workshops and an annual conference for teachers and school personnel whose enrollees include students with vision loss. These information sessions provide teachers with strategies and instruction when working with students who are blind or have low vision. The annual “See What’s Possible” workshop for educators (general education, intervention specialists, administrators, therapists and support staff) who will be working with children with low vision, cortical visual impairment and/or blindness during the 2021-22 school year will be held Thursday, August 12th at Cleveland Sight Center. The workshop will feature engaging and informative information, strategies, accommodation ideas, technology, material and equipment demonstrations. Learn more about the topics discussed at the workshop here. To register for the event, click here.

What’s Happening at CSC:

-Leisure & Lifestyle Services programs are hitting it out of the park! Last Friday, clients toured the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, participated in a gardening workshop and got to take home their very own mint plants!

-A fun, lively and energetic group of clients, staff and volunteers attended the Cleveland Indians versus St. Louis Cardinals baseball game on Wednesday, July 28th! A four-homerun adventure of a game had clients laughing, cheering and enthusiastically participating in this classic summer outing as the home team won 7-2. For one of CSC’s volunteers Ayesha, who recently made some of the tote bags for Early Intervention, it was her first-ever baseball game!

A staff member commented that her client was so happy to be doing something with people that are going through some of the same things he is and was so glad to be “out and about” without feeling like he was not a part of what is going on. Being inclusive is such a good thing! Thank you to the staff, volunteers and clients who made this day one to remember!

-In-person Summer Recreation runs through August 10th, with a final End-of-Summer Dance and Ice Cream social on August 17th from 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Recreation programming will pick back up again in mid-September.

-You are invited to CSC’s first-ever volunteer picnic! On Saturday, August 28th, Cleveland Sight Center is hosting a volunteer picnic at Edgewater Park to celebrate and thank our wonderful volunteers! Having donated 5,000+ hours to the agency in 2020, these volunteers make such a difference connecting with clients in meaningful ways to make a greater impact on their lives, supporting administrative projects that make strategic goals possible for staff, recording valuable material for our radio and more. CSC volunteers impact our mission and organization in small and great ways every day. One small way to show you appreciate the time and energy of our volunteers is to stop by our picnic to thank them for their work and to learn more about them…or if you are not able to attend the picnic, thank them while they are here, and get to know them and a little more about the work they do. Here in the volunteer department, we are repeatedly surprised, impressed and honored by the dedication and kindness of our volunteers - we are so excited to celebrate them every day, and to invite you to do the same! If you are interested in attending the Volunteer Picnic, please contact Melissa Mauk (x4581) for more information on the event.

-CSC’s volunteer department is conducting reoccurring weekly appreciation meet-ups on a trial basis. A gathering where members of CSC’s community can come together to listen to music and be in community through collectively writing thank you notes to donors, volunteers, fellow staff or other supporters of the agency, appreciation meet-ups will create the space/time to say thank you to the people who matter to CSC and will be scheduled weekly for the following week. Thank you notes and pens will be provided, along with access to volunteer addresses as needed for corresponding thank you notes. If you are interested, please contact Melissa Mauk (x4581).

Did You Know:

-Did you know in the state of Michigan, you’re never further than six miles from a body of water? No matter where you are in the state, a body of water is within six miles. Did you know part two: on top of that, no matter where you are in Michigan, you will be within 85 miles of one of the Great Lakes.